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Fatigue is a universal symptom associated with most acute and chronic illness, as well as with normal, healthy functioning and everyday life. It is a nearly universal lament of people over the age of 35 that they do not have as much energy as they did when they were younger.  

Melatonin levels decline with age and virtually disappear by old age. Melatonin helps you feel sleepy at night and its decline can make it harder to fall asleep. The reductions in melatonin and deep sleep may help explain why insomnia becomes more prevalent with age.

Although increased fatigue is not inevitable with increased age, there are certain age-related factors that may make you feel weaker, less energetic, and more susceptible to fatigue.

Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue can strongly interfere with several aspects of a healthy person’s daily life and can have a marked negative impact on quality of life (QOL) in general. More importantly, prolonged fatigue not only accelerates ageing, but also is a potential risk factor for future morbidity and mortality.

There are many things a person can do to attempt to reduce fatigue such as taking a vacation, changing jobs, regular exercise etc., but unfortunately many of these efforts do not always work and many life-style factors, such as job responsibilities, can not be changed easily.  Additionally, physiological conditions in a fatigued human body, such as neuro-endocrine disorders, immune function inhibition, circulatory system dysfunctions, and metabolic disorders, could also impede the reduction of fatigue.  These physiological factors cannot always be readily overcome and taking an effective, safe, natural remedy could be beneficial.

The central nervous system (CNS) controls bodily functions and an inability to generate and maintain adequate CNS drive to the working muscles is the most likely explanation of fatigue during normal activities. Several biological mechanisms have been proposed to explain CNS fatigue. Hypotheses have been developed for several neurotransmitters including serotonin (5-HT; 5-hydroxytryptamine), dopamine, and acetylcholine.  Evidence suggests that increases and decreases in brain 5-HT activity during prolonged exercise can respectively either hasten or delay the onset of fatigue.  The use of adaptogens may normalise the levels of these neurotransmitters, facilitate transportation of them within the brain, and reduce levels of fatigue in human body.

The immune system is highly efficient under normal circumstances, but is suppressed when fatigued, resulting in greater susceptibility to opportunistic infections such as upper respiratory tract infections.  Acute viral or bacterial infection results in an increase in cytokine levels which may exacerbate and increase fatigue levels.  Immune system depression can both result from and exacerbate the levels of fatigue, and therefore enhancement of the immune system is valuable approach in fighting fatigue.
Regular sleep may play a key role in the immune system's ability to fight off infectious disease. A recent study found that the risk of catching a cold might increase three fold for people receiving less than seven hours of sleep a night. The study also found that people who sleep seven to eight hours a night have the lowest rates of heart disease and death. The same researchers believe that lack of good quality sleep disturbs the regulation of key chemicals produced by the immune system to fight infection.  Improving sleeping quality is therefore of significant importance for maintaining health as well as fighting fatigue.

FatigFix™ – A Patent-Pending Formulation for the Relief of the Symptoms Associated with Fatigue and for Sleep Improvement

FatigFix™ was designed by scientists with an extensive knowledge of medicinal plants used in TCM. All of the ingredients used in FatigFix™ have been shown to be safe and effective. Their individual pharmacology, toxicology and clinical applications have been studied extensively over the last several decades.

The effectiveness of a formulation relies on each ingredient having its own specific benefit and working synergistically to increase the overall efficacy of the product.  Successful combining of ingredients can maintain efficacy, whilst reducing the amount of active material required, ensuring the widest possible safety window for safe long-term use.

An adaptogenic substance allows an organism to counteract adverse physical, chemical, or biological stressors by generating non-specific resistance.  FatigFix™ includes two Chinese adaptogenic plants.  Based on different active compounds, the two herbs work in different ways. For example, one herb has been shown to significantly reduce stress levels, while the other one has a calming effect. The third ingredient in FatigFix™ is a traditional anti-ageing plant used to aid and increase liver and kidney function and for increased energy. Other benefits relating to these ingredients include boosting the immune system, protecting cardiovascular function, anti-oxidation, and modulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

FatigFix™ is Clinically Proven to Reduce Fatigue and Improve Quality of Sleep

A double-blind, placebo-controlled human study with FatigFix™ was conducted in 123 healthy volunteers aged between 50-65 who admitted suffering from fatigue. Taking FatigFix™ over a three-week period significantly reduced the subjects’ fatigue symptoms, increased the subjects’ energy in the daytime and improved the quality of their sleep. The subjects found it easier to fall asleep and enjoyed a sounder sleep during the night without disturbance to their normal physiological status.

The main reported benefits from the subjects involved were an improvement in the symptoms relating to fatigue (green bars below), and an improvement in sleep quality (blue bars below).  The detailed feedback included comments on:

  • Feeling energetic, especially after getting up. Subjects reported effects such as, “don’t need a rest after work” and “easier to walk upstairs’.
  • Improvement in sleep patterns. Subjects’ comments included, “no longer relying on sleeping pills”, “sleeping well”, “Slept deeply” and “falling asleep easily”.
  • Increasing immune function indicated by one subject, “recovered from a cold sooner than I usually do”.

      Toxicity studies show that FatigFix™ is well tolerated and no toxicity was observed in a 30-day study with doses up to 10g/kg, the equivalent of a 70 kg individual consuming 140 grams per day (the recommend daily dose is 480mg per day).